SingTown AI Cloud Service

Helping you easily develop AI vision applications. Online annotation, cloud training, offline deployment. No programming required, free training right now.

Supporting Several Vision Tasks

Object Detection

Object detection can obtain the positions and sizes of multiple different objects in the image, and can be represented by bounding boxes.

Image Classification

Image classification classifies images into different categories or labels to distinguish different objects, scenes, or concepts.

How does SingTown AI Cloud Service work?

1. Upload

Uploading pictures of objects to be identified, requiring captureing from multiple angles in actual scenarios. The more pictures, the better.

2. Annotate

Classify images or draw bounding boxes on images to identify target objects.

3. Train

Use annotated pictures to train the neural network model in order to recognize target objects.

4. Deploy

Download the trained neural network model to the device. It could run offline on the device and does not require an Internet connection.

Online Annotation

Simplely to use. You only need to upload pictures, use the mouse to draw the bounding box. We supports shortcut keys for easy data annotation. And supports importing labeled data sets.

Cloud Training

There is no need to install software, buy a GPU, learn AI knowledge, or program. It only takes you one click to start training.

No Programming Required
You don't have to be a programming expert. SingTown provides an intuitive user interface that enables you to configure, train, and deploy neural networks without writing code.
Free Training
We provide free training volume to help you quickly start your AI project. For more professional projects, we also offer paid training.

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